Monday, February 23, 2009

The Marler Family's newiest addition =)

This is Remi Lynne Marler. She is with her big sisters Reese Virginia and Biggest sister Leah Mackenzie. Congratulations Laurie!!!

Kisses from Big sister !!
How cute

Remi Lynne Marler
Congrats we love you guys !!

Sledding what a blast but.......Ouch

Day of Accident We went to a winter festival with Keith where he works. THe whole day was fun with horse carriage rides, snow mobile rides, and pie/hot dog eating contests which my kids one. The last thing was sledding. We had a few really good runs. Then on the last one I helped Ella climb up the hill and she slipped. I helped her up and then I heard "Watch out Mom!!" I had no time except to let go of Ella. Keith said that he saw my feet fly where my head should've been. I hit face first on the ice covered snow. Blake was scared but I assured him I was ok. I asked him if I lost any teeth and he said I did but then he saw it behind the blood. There were a lot of EMT's around and they checked me out.
The next morning
Keith said that I looked like Freddy Crougar put on my makeup andI tried to get my lips to look like Angelina Jolie. Don't I look Beautiful?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mother & Son !! 2009

We had our first annual Mother & Son's activity at church. It was a lot of fun. We had a wonderful dinner made my by Mother-In-Law and Sister DeGroff, my 2nd counselor. Before dinner started Sister DeGroff madeup some wonderful games.
We listened to High School Musical 3, Jonus Brothers, and Taylor Swift. My mother-in-law made crosages for all the mom's.

Blake loves his Grammy. She made the bowties for all the boys for the wedding.

Terrific dancer.

Getting a dance with the men.

Grammie and Blake dancing. Blake had fun with 2 dates. He said that I was his real one.

Blake and mommy eating dinner.

Blake dancing with some of the boys!!

Musical Chairs

The final 2 players. I swung Myles to the table but he got back quickly.

Oh no player down

I shifted my weight to much when I sat down. I had 1/4 of the chair and he had majority. I shifted my weight to the wrong side and slipped. My feet went way up and I couldn't stop laughing.

Myles won!!! He was the last man standing.

Sketter and Mary racing

me chasing a lemon with blake

Dianne DeGroff 2nd counselor in primary and Denise Aubin Ella's primary teacher.
mom helping Blake tuck in his shirt and put on his bow tie.
The Russel Family !!
The Madill Family !!
Us !! I wore the dress Blake bought me for Christmas in 2007.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For some reason I can't post pictures right now but I will do the slide shows until then. Our trip was awesome except the flight out and not seeing everybody I wanted to. On our flight out our connection from CHicago O'Hare to SLC was cancelled so they rerouted us through Denver then onto SLC. They told us that all of the Travelocity flights were cancelled on that flight.

We missed our connection at O'Hare by 5 minutes because of technical problems on the plane. They rebooked us twice. THe first one was cancelled then the other, with stand by tickets, we were let on. Ella fell asleep on my lap and we were all set to go with the doors closing. Then we heard over the intercom "The Lobdell family must get off now". We didn't know what was going on. We asked what the problem was and they wouldn't give us an answer. The guy said again, "The Lobdell family must get off now!!" My kids started getting scared and crying. They barely gave us enough time to grab our paks. Now I don't get upset at people all that often or let my emotion show but when they did that I lost most of my control. My husband was visibly upset and I demanded to know why we were kicked off teh plane. The lady that let us on told us that the party she gave us the seats for showed up at the last minute and then left!!! Keith went to talk to the supervisor who was in the next booth over. He was able to get us actual tickets and not standby's for the next flight. I got on the phone and started yelling at the travelocity agent. Malynda told me after, "Mom I never saw you like that before!" Her eyes were really big. Don't worry I didn't swear but came really really close. I wanted a refund on my tickets becuase of my children being scared and crying, for being humliated and being kicked off the plane. They couldn't or wouldn't give me a discount bc they were only a travel agency and not responsible for the actions of the airlines. I told them bull crap. I demanded something to be done so they gave me 2 free nights at any hotel.

Well Long story almost short, we made it into slc at 7:00 pm (6 1/2 hours late!!!) and Jamie and Kenz met us at the airport while we got our rental car. Jamie let us borrow her carseat. We went to her house and had dinner and saw most everyone. It was worth making the trip but no more O'hare airport and no more travelocity.

Thursday, February 5, 2009