Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blake's Baptism

Blake was baptized today on his birthday!! Keith did the baptism and My father-in-law did the confirmation. He got his new suit for his birthday gift with a new white shirt and shoes. He told me when I laid it out for him, "Mom I'm going to look like the men now!!"

All of his NY Grandparents except for 1 came out for his baptism. Malynda played the guitar and both me and my mother-in-law spoke.

4th of July

Malynda's baseball team was undefeated. They were near the front of the parade. Sheila and Irwin received the Most Patriotic Award.

Malynda's 10

We recreated a picture that I took of Malynd and Blake in front of the same window but with different owners. Ella is wearing the same shirt that Malynda wore. Malynda is showing off her new clothes that Ella gave her for her birthday.

the past few months.

Blake was able to perform in the school talent show 1 week after his surgery. He was the lead in "Where the wild things are". Malynda took 2nd place at the Talent show singing "Naturally" by Selena Gomez. In the dance part she was a scary spider.