Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look What I Did!!!

I took the kids up to Nan's house to teach Malynda how to ride her bike. We were going to do it last year but since she broke her arm, she did not get the chance. I only had to push her twice and she did everything else by herself. She pretty much taught herself how to ride her bike. Now Blake wants to try his bike w/o training wheels.
Blake getting used to his bike again.
Ella playing with water.
Malynda taking off on her own. She doesn't quite understand how to stop yet.
Ella joining in on her scooter.

Easter Morning

The kids woke up about 7:00 to look for Eggs. Ella ran into their room and yelled the sun is up!!

Keith the cheezer

THe kids are wearing the new clothes their Grammy and Poppy gave to them. Malynda got a Blue Jay Webkinz, chocolate bunny, and many eggs from the EAster bunny. Blake got a Leaping Lemur webkinz, Chocolate bunny, and many eggs. Ella got a husky dog webkinz, small chocolate bunny, and a few eggs.

American Idol

The kids have been enjoying the wii that their grandparents gave them for Christmas. We have fun competing against each other in American Idol.

Ella singing Life is a Highway with Blake

Malynda patiently waiting for her turn.

I am attempting to sing I'm Every women. Malynda said that she had to leave the room before her ears started to burn. It was very pathetic rendition.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Malynda's Sleepover

Here are the bath Foam Beauties!!!

Malynda had some friends over to watch High School Musical 3. They first went swimming and then played in the jucuzzi and had a ball. Blake spent the night at his friends house and Ella spent the night with her grammy and poppy as well.