Monday, May 18, 2009

The Talent Show

When they first started announceing the winners we were getting nervous. Keith knew after they announced the 2nd place winner that malynda was going to win. I had no clue. When they announced her name everyone cheered!! She had the biggest eyes you have ever seen and we don't think her feet touched the ground for a few hours. She congratulated everyone else and got a lot of hugs for her to. We are so proud of her accomplishment. Keith won when he was in 1st or 2nd grade. He said that he was more happy for her.

Malynda was getting really into the song.

Malynda hurried off the stage and went right over to the bathroom and her grammy helped her change into her costume and did her make up. She was a little nervous at first and then took off. She had the whole crowd going it was really neat. Keith played the guitar for her and that gave her the edge.

The school had its Talent Show on Saturday May 16. Malynda first had her dance portion. The kids made a small mistake but did a really good job.

I helped make the skirts for the costumes.

The girls were 16th century dancers. The blonde boy was Samuel D'Champlain, and the other boy was a Mowhawk Indian.

Malynda's dance group.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Little Kiddos Do!!

Malynda came down from her shower on Tuesday night and asked me if she did a good job with her face. I looked at her and said that her hair looked really clean and her face was nice and clean to. She looked at me and said what about my eyes? I looked and couldn't talk for a second. She shaved off 1/2 of her eyebrows on each side. I asked her why she did it and she said that she thought her eyebrows were to shaggy. No kids, as far as she told me, told her that she just thought it. I told her that she made them match for the most part. I told her that I was glad she didn't cut her hair. I cut blake's hair when he was about 1 year old and did an absolutly horrible job. At least her's looked better.

Mother's Day

Me and My Piglet (notice her Eyebrows. They are growing back!!!)

Me and my Buddy Bear

Just relaxing on Mother's Day

Ella had everyone's attention telling them stories and looking for hidden pictures.

I had one of the most fun Mother's Day. The kids made some really creative mother's day cards and wanted to make breakfast but we didn't have the stuff so they gave me a poptart instead. Malynda gave a wonderful talk during sacrament meeting and the kids sang Love one Another with sign language. We had two wonderful meals afterwards. Here are some pics.

coudling with Poppa (knucklehead) and Mum Mum

Tickling Poppa

The future hairstylist, Aunt Stacy will be Proud

Congratulations to Kristie and Devin!!

My neicejust got engaged to an awesome guy named Devon. Congratulations one of my favorite nieces!!