Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas eve and morning

I decided to make Christmas stockings for our new house. The kids had fun designing them. They wanted to make one for our new cat as well.

Malynda recieved American Girl dolls from her Aunty Marcelle and her Nana Lobdell. She said that this is her favorite christmas ever.

I suprised everyone and bought us a cat. His name is Robby. The kids adore it as long as I keep his nails clipped.

The kids are opening their gifts on Christmas morning. Blake recived TMNT, Power rangers, and star wars figurines. Malynda recieved Hannah Montana books, High School Musical 2 books, and dolls. Ella received different Elmo dolls and books. Blake gave me a very pretty Red blouse and skirt to match. I gave Keith the Triple combination c.d.'s and Malynda gave all the boys Angel Moroni Ties and tie pins.

Christmas morning at Nana's house

Ella is pooped out from decorating christmas stockings

quick tour of the house

this is Blakes room with Transformer borders, sheets, and soon wall stickers. He is getting dinosaur stickers and has dinosaur curtains.

this is my favorite room aka the "girls bathroom".

This is my bedroom recovering from Christmas

This is our living room. We painted the walls bone white and the window sills bronze amulet. Keith organized the pictures with the kids baby pictures on the bottom. the couch, cabinets, and the tables came with the house.